Rise And Conquer

by Juggernaut

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released August 25, 2016

Produced by Gamma Collective
© 2016
Lawrence, MA



all rights reserved


Juggernaut Lawrence, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Open The Rising Gates
Enter this sacred realm of existence
Walk this one path of fire and hell

As the sun vanishes from the sky
Darkness will prevail and not die
Divinity feeds power to the gods
Survival of the fittest determines the odds
Tear down this walls of solitude
Relinquish their crowns of magnitude
Seize control and burn their kingdom
Pulverize and deprive their freedom

Welcome to the new era of evil
Where hatred and violence lies within
This journey and conquest will be fatal
The power of euphoria is the purist sin

Time to prepare and deploy these legions for war
These warriors will march and dismantle their door
This is the creation and beginning of the revolution
They will learn to pay the consequence through retribution

Rage of demons will crush this humanity
Wage of chaos will break this tranquility
The pillars of their fortress crumbles into debris
They will start to tremble in fear and flee

Destroy their palace with nobility
conquer their empire through conformity
Exile the innocence into the unknown
Execute their king and place their throne

Open the rising gates
Track Name: Blood Of The Enemies
Slaughter them with cruelty
Show no mercy and let them bleed
Take pride with nobility
This is the power that we need
We breathe for this last life
We grip on to our swords
We stand for what it is right
We will not let them deprive us

Sacrifice ourselfs to become a savior
Burn their bridge of dignity to become a warrior
Once again they will not control our destiny
Let them pay their final price without clemency

Crush their skull and burn their skin
We can seek the truth from one eye
Torture them from wrath within
Sever them until they die
Burn their remains until its gone
Let the ashes sift into dust
Enhance this tragedy when its done
Let their flesh turn into rust

End their life now
They will find a new meaning of hell

This killing has begun
This carnage have to be done
This killing has begun
This carnage have to be done

Here comes the massacre of destruction
Waiting to exterminate their resistance
Time to drag them down into submission
Now it's the bitter end for their existence

They will not seduce us into their beliefs
Seize control under this condition

This plague will not cease
Chaos is a disease
Genocide for centuries
Blood of the enemies
This plague will not cease
Chaos is a disease
Genocide for centuries
Blood of the enemies
Track Name: Revenge By Vengeance
Doomsday will be our sweet taste of self destruction
This world will be soon under corruption
Nothing seems more dreadful to see these civilians die
Countless cadavers on the field as days passes by

Justice has been served
The Final Judgment has come
Respect shall be deserved
This is where we came from
Countering against terror
Fighting for loyalty
Striving though horror
Praying for prosperity

Defy them and deny them
Detect them and destroy them
Defy them and deny them
Detect them and destroy them

We will not forgive the one who did this damage
We will not forget the lives we have lost
We will not hold our composure to these villains
We will not be held down again by broken promises

Son of the gods
Father of this lands
Holy crown of light
Fate of all life

They seek for intimidation
As we collide with them
We seek for retribution
As they deliver the message
Raise this one gun of homicide
To end this bloodshed at once
Never surrender through suicide
To bring shame to the messiah

Take pride and courage
Through power and strength
From hatred to violence
Revenge by vengeance